Dec 3, 2021

Cory Diary : Portfolio Equity Map After Omicron

Past few days have been quite humbling. The correction seen on the Market and specially Banks are quite significant. When we look back at my previous post ( link )on 24th Nov about Capital Preservation, I just feel the market has something up it's sleeves. Indeed it has with Omicron. Well the good news is that it is mild so far. And if stays so and prevalent, it could be the end of Covid Era. A natural immunization across the world population against Covid. Will this materialize is yet to be seen but probably considering Spanish flu kind of disappear after 2 years too in a world that do not have vaccine.

So with the move on preservation, I do "Saved" my US portfolio. However not significant is done on Asia Equity. For Chinese shares, fortunately I have decided to remove HST, and Tencent reduced as the more I think about Gov persistent "fixing" of private company is bad for capitalism ideas therefore bad for HK Stock Market. Self-serving shooting on own foot borders insanity just like Cultural Revolution which is a misnomer because Cultural do get destroyed. Will this implied Economic Revolution kills the Economy too ? Time will tell. I wish my Chinese friends good luck as I still have Alibaba invested with them. Still holding the last flame of hope in them.

Above Current Portfolio allocation. 18 stocks. Walked through each of SG stocks allocation today again and there is nothing I am not happy about except the market price. haha. Each size allocation balanced against my fear. So there seem nothing I need to tweak. Glad to build back some shares in DBS during the sell down before it went back up due to Fed. Rising rate is good for bank so it is kind of counter balance when the market goes berserk. Maybe we need MSCI to thank for driving the bank price low by their rebalancing to SEA. Kind of damaging moves to their client imo.

Now with balance 8.6% investment fund, I could deploy in either in US or SG markets. I have come back just a little bit in META and AMD earlier. Now, with Fed hawkish, and Omicron fear fading, it looks like tapering will happen in a faster pace follow by rate rise. This is bad for growth stock specially money losing ones. And this probably explain why SEA, PLTR and GRAB won't do well. Dividend stocks wise I have enough for Year 2022. I could get more but I want to have some bang in the buck and probably TESLA and AMD if I could get good pricing.

Current profit yield at 9.8% YTD which is performing slightly above STI. Dividend planned for Year 2022 is roughly 64k. Let's see how much Bonus I will get ....


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