Jun 28, 2021

Cory Diary : Jolted in my Sleep

I have this Fear again. Remembered the series of relapse after graduating of occasional lingering dreams that I am late for exam, not ready on certain subject, missing important classes etc. So I am fully aware on my emotional fear deep down coming to formulate my dreams.

The recent fear is in similar situation where after the human mind is conditioned to do things resulting in stress accumulation. And when it ended or plan to end in this case, the dark side appears in our lingering dream. Is something like PSTD though probably in milder form.

I have been working for more than 20 years and now towards early retirement and semi is not in the card yet. Knowing myself psychologically, I need to be mathematically safe before I take the leapt. Yes, the binary problem which I just blogged in my last article. Is pretty hard to shake it off. That's the angle that may come useful to explore too.

For now what are the things broadly. Is basically Money. How many people is not ? Money cannot solve everything but no money definitely cannot.

1.    Young Family
2.    Home Loan
3.    Portfolio Safety and Returns
4.    Maximize CPF VC Contribution till 55

So probably occasional jolts won't subsides till I get my Math right on my income generation asset or robust plan to get it through. And maybe after will still have few instances of recurrences.

Financial Status

Working Expenses Fund
Two years of working expenses in cash


CPF RA will kick in on Age 65 which will supplement my income after 14 years. This also align my daughters age to college. To optimize my returns, I need to maximize VC till 55 where SA allocation is at it's highest. This potentially means tapping on free cash that I am reluctant to make. The plan is to ensure my investment bonds are reduced accordingly to zero except for SSB. Fortunately, the amounts will match what I needed and likely more. 

Whether I will contribute further after 55 will depends on Free Cash Flow and CPF policies. It will be interesting to know by then.

Non-Salary Income

Dividend Income today is capable to cover annual Home Loan. So technically speaking, there is no worry of paying housing loan. Whatever additional free cash will be for living expenses. And that's the point. Living expenses sufficiency. So the crux of the matter is I will be quite dependent on this dividend income for living expenses if I am to retire today.

I still have rental income support as well that I have yet bring onto the table. Well I have decided this income leftover will be buffer since I am not allocating Loan payment on it.  Rental income covers Maintenance, Tax, Repairs, Upgrade, Insurance Payments and Parental Allowances. As you can see, Rental income is quite sizeable therefore I think is a bad idea not to let local benefits from rental market which can well support their retirement.

14 years of Home Loan Outstanding


Reserved Two years of Home Loan Installment in cash
Secured Three years of Home Loan Installment in Bond

I could eliminate the Two years of reserved cash to 6 months, this will optimize my returns. The three years in bonds will be use for general emergency long term as the returns are reasonable. 

Opportunity Fund

10% of  Portfolio Opportunity Fund currently. This fund is critical because is active managed and helps to grow my dividend income. How to maximize it returns will be tougher as I may need it quickly. Putting them into bond or fixed returns that affects my response time or sell price won't be good either.

Maybe maintaining 15% of portfolio value for Opportunity fund seems a better balance and not too much idle. One way is to sell some of my portfolio when the market is in euphoria stage. This will secure 15% needed with shrinking portfolio value and growing cash. Dividend will be reduced. However since I have some idle free cash now, I should have them injected to increase my opportunity fund instead.

Market Returns

Well after going through so much on managing my finance, it looks like I am set to go. The final is the broad market returns. Frankly Speaking, Investing in Stock Market has been fruitful exercise. See below chart on over the years return. Absolute Profit vs Year.

The cumulative gains switching to dividend play has been amazing. To be be truthful I don't see myself getting rich from it versus the Net Worth I have accumulated. The gains likely mirror similar to a landlord. 

Even though I have stepped into US market a little. Most of my Portfolio gains over the years are still unrealised gain being a dividend player.

Looking at the chart carefully since 2018, if we include this year, there will be 3 years of strong profitable returns. The chance of 4th in the Year 2022 is lesser based on my track record. Maybe time for me to be prepared for a curve ball. So my take is I will hold on to the larger Opportunity Fund amount more stringently.

If the market continues to move up in my 4th year, I am happy else I have a larger Opportunity fund to buy in. Sounds like an exciting plan though mitigated.

In summary

The plan will be as follow except that the stage in blue will need to be very careful.

2 Year cash reduced to 6 months -> 15% Opportunity Fund -> Invest fund greater than 15% opportunity allocated -> Grow dividend well above annual home loan -> Support living expenses

Retirement where Living Expenses is covered by Increase in Dividend Income above loan and returns outside Shares dividends. No draw down planned.

End Goal

15% opportunity fund
Home loan covered by dividend income
Living expenses covered by additional incomes
2 years of living expenses
3 years of general emergency fund
6 months of cash buffer

Quite sure this will not be the end of it. I will be back again to straighten things out.


Articles in this Blog is personal take and educational purposes only. Reader should seek their own professional help when making financial decision and be responsible for their decision.


  1. you overplanned for your expenses already. i dont think there is ever an enough for you :) life is short, stress need to be balanced.

    1. Thanks for saying that. There is idiom.

      不 见 棺 材 不 掉 泪
      bù jiàn guān cái bù diào lèi

    2. I enjoy going through the process of planning though not necessary the journey to reach. Considering I am 51. Not overworked. Just busy with my kids. thanks for your comment. Will take note.

  2. can share the excel?

    1. Is a very simple chart spreadsheet that you can create with excel. Suggest you go explore and do it.