May 8, 2021

Cory Diary : When Bad News come, it Pours

The Virus finally hits the fan on the less developed countries. I was wondering why the situation so bad in America before the election. Probably the focus of the Media was on Trump to "Engineered" his down fall. Now with the Virus fanning strongly in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, .... this is indication that humanity may be reaching herd immunity while vaccinations are being deployed. There will be lots of sorrow and concern. 

Comparing to them, TTSH outbreak is really miniscule however we can't afford to let our guard down for it can also get out of control. In the past days restriction and quarantine procedures hitting the Island nation. It was dramatic change of event from Oasis of the East. With the virulent of the virus many could not afford to take it likely.

Unfortunately the contagious nature of this virus that keeps mutating, it has been a constant battle going on and on.  We can't have our life be on constant On/Off every few months even though we have basic standard to upkeep. Is like doing "Cha cha Dance" every time there is an outbreak. We probably may need to reach a point of have to hit 100% vaccination target and reach a stage where we allow virus a free pass through to return life to normal. This probably would need to take more concrete data to make sure the assumption is reliable on the safety and impact if any. Mean time my Mall Reits took some cutting .... .

While the country is trying to vaccinate the population, a smaller groups of Singapore and PR stationed oversea have been forgotten. How many will want to take the risk to fly back considering the daily infection rate from oversea coming to Singapore and the quarantine periods back and fro- in dedicated hotels. Neither do they have priority in the host countries when comes to vaccination. Maybe this is what embassy is for. They need to do something especially so for countries that are so badly affected.

Then Yellen mentioned about possible rate hikes. And the market starts showing cracks. She slips out what they all think in the bottom of their heart. However America is a nation widely dependent on the stock market for their retirement. Everyone purses will be much smaller if the market is derailed. I think rate hikes will come. .The issue is when such that the condition is right. The pivot point could be when crypto gets out of hand challenging the might of US dollar. My US stocks jitter a bit and then fall back to normal volatility routine.

Ascendas Reit was cruising well and then they do another private placement at the lower band of the offering therefore higher discount. They seem to try to exhaust their ability to raise fund till no more. I think this last round has reflected some fatigue on the market or are investors missing something of the Reit. No doubt the price will recover with the dividends however are we gone with the days with minimal or no discount placement. Savvy investors may find this great opportunity to average down. However we need to be cautious to not just look at acquisition accretion but also the dilution of share with discount, resulting lower DPU in Net is worth the effort or the whole exercise is just about fattening Capitaland pocket ? Will Ascendas Reit continue to be of high standard as before or Investor needs to start crunching their numbers to micro level.

Started exploring Dogecoin Wallet recently. Take me days to install DogeCore. After it is done, comes to a halt when I could not install XMRIG .... to start easy mining ... to get some coins to try out. Seems like Anti-Virus treats it like a plague. I have a constant fear that my PC will be compromised as well. Will probably give up trying.

Lastly, portfolio year to date hits 5% returns. That's is like more than 7% behind STI Index ( Best Regional Stock this year so far ). It has been a long time that I am beaten so soundly. Interestingly, I am still feeling upbeat about my shares. That's conviction I guess or what's left of the hope I have ... ... ...


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