May 30, 2021

Cory Diary : Investment Evolutions

Coming from below average income family of sandwiched class, foraying into investments is an evolution process. Basically I can't see it till it happens naturally "A common sense approach". It may not be the best but is suitable for me so far for a self learning investor who basic core believes is we must understand investment ourselves.

Started with years of education like all locals, and then started saving and basic life insurance. Thanks to my parents I am able to study in local University. When we save enough, start to play in stock markets. After a few years as the investment grow into sizeable amount, our bets get bigger and bigger. This after, we have our first HDB apartment.

As career progress, we have more saving for investment and it becomes a portfolio. To build up a sustainable second income stream, Dividend Investment becomes the plan of the day.  After few years, the amount is enough to sustain a reasonable annual income. This is when we explore property investment into Condo.

Money continues to roll in with continue salary income, dividend income and property income. By then I am already in my 50. Retirement clock starts clicking and started exploring funding sufficiency to support lifestyle retirement and this is when CPF kicks in as basic net investment returns while bonds are slowly kicked out.

This CPF investment phase is pretty quick because we will be at our peak earning capability phase. And then we can do the next leapt into growth stocks to maximize returns in a way after having the experience in investment knowledge, building sustainable earning and achieving asset net worth.

I stop here. This is where I am now.

So far, what I could do better ? Some people say I could do much better while others think I am lucky. Other than roll of luck jumbling up on which to go first, I am grateful of what I have so far. Life is not Bed and Roses, let's not make it Tougher. 

Ah Yes. I have two toddlers. God Grace to manage to have them in my 50s. What's my priority, them lah other than Health. Be Safe. I wish those who want to be wished.


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