Oct 15, 2020

Cory Diary : Repricing Home Loan Package

In a few more months time, my current package will be available to be repriced which was on package based on 2.38% Fixed for 2 years after which FHR8 + 1.88% (0.6%+1.88% =2.48%) where FH is the Period 8 months reference to the column above.

The current DBS Fixed Deposit is as follow.

Since May, DBS announced the FHR8 revision, my total loan repayment has not been reduced s it is fixed package and instead will increase to 2.48% if I do nothing.

What-if I Reprice ?

Per DBS website, home loan accounts are out of lock-in or will be out of lock-in in 3 months’ time are allowed to do repricing. I do not like floating package so will only look into the new reprice Flexi-Fixed package as follow. There is a re-price cost about $300 for Promo.

Fixed in years at 1.5% depending on the flexi-Fixed package which I am interested, follow by FHR24 + 0.9% = 1.8% thereafter. So should I go for 3 Year or 5 Year ? 

That's depend how soon we get over Covid aftermath I guess which could take 2 years. Since there is a free conversion I could ask for contract change per table above if the ever decreasing rate happens once I sign up on the new Contract.

However, if the rate increases then I would want to continue the new contract as long as possible. So looks like 5 years Lock is better option. The 5 years contract states " We will waive the Commitment Fee if such full repayment is made upon the sale of your entire interest in the Property, and no event of default under the Conditions has occurred." (updated).

With the new contract, monthly saving will be $293. That's $3,518 annually. Most importantly is the peace of mind. That's the key point of the plan other than the saving.


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