Oct 3, 2020

Cory Diary : Performance YTD - Trump Tests Positive for the Coronavirus

The STI market was going well till it's decided to change downward course again today. This time for very different reason. The News is that Trump Tests Positive for the Coronavirus. He must be very disappointed that DJIA manage to held up (updated with table) as I typed. 

The talk about IN THING nowadays is the K-Shaped Recovery Economy.

What this may mean is 

1. The wealthy are recovering and the lower-earning are not.
2. The professional workers are largely fine and everyone else is doing awful.
3. Different parts of the economy recover at different rates, times, or magnitudes. 

Well, the wealthy usually does better in most recovery. And you can be a pilot and seriously out-of-job. So the first two points are more divisive opinions between the Rich and the Poor which will drives resentment against the Rich or Rightist view. Likely not going to help the poor but make it worst as this will pigeon hole their thinking. Driving ever increasing wealth gap.

I am more inclined on the last definition in general and this is best seen in stock market. A good example will be Cory Portfolio this year.

As you can see above, the general STI Index performs relatively bad. An understatement frankly not because of the heavier weightage of the Banks but in general in the index.

Relative to Cory which also has large amount of banks and STI ETF, comparatively still drives large gap from the index. The performance has widen by 21.3 points (updated) gap. It would have been even wider have I indulge myself in some tech or medical stocks that I have been consistently avoiding. Oh ! my pain.

So YTD, XIRR -1.3% whereas STI has fallen to -22.5% (corrected). Dividend wise it has been crazy because AGT do a major distribution from the golf sales so YTD more than 89K ... That's a huge jump one time in exchange for capital reversion.


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