Apr 18, 2020

Cory Diary : Performance YTD 4/18 and aftermath

This few months has been interesting experience. For new investor is harrowing ones. If I could remember we are near the time frame where SARs basically stabilized and market was in recovery process. Covid-19 impact is not the same in the sense we have Trade War, Currency War and Oil Impacts going-on all rolled into one. This Pandemic is much more wider hitting shores of Europe and Americas. How long this will take is anybody guess.

For me personally, birth of 2nd Daughter, increase Job Scope and some personal harrowing life experiences all rolled during this period.  Expenses will be expected to shoot up though not as much as first born. My wife chipping in to help on nappy and nanny expenses. She sold all her shares before Covid-19 really hits. Shiok ah ! More money for my investment. 😂

At one time my portfolio is down $250k which is 5 times of Year 2008 GFC amount but interestingly I do ok mentally but just a bit fuzzy when wife called me on some errands. Well, STAYING VESTED in market is so important because portfolio recovered significantly for my Portfolio setup and selection. I want to mention this because different selection may gives different result. I still have about 50% warchest to play with. Don't think we are out of the wood yet because I can't confirm. LOL

Reits gearing increase to 50% is the positive step to take as this will alleviate needs for rights issue with deferred payment of tenants. Even without this deferment, I think this should have been done for GFC 2008 as well that time. Anyway this is just regulatory paper play. Just like USA unlimited QE. Thanks for this, the world probably adverted Depression. Depression is not the emotional aspect that I am referring to in case some new investors thought this is what I mean but certainly will lead to if the GREAT DEPRESSION is not adverted. This event if one is to search through history is horrible to the poor and middle class. We will stop complaining of the money printing because the cost is much much cheaper. It may rewards the Rich but not everyone.

Taking stock on current portfolio status. Reits/Trusts abut 59%. Fixed Equity 16%. Portfolio yield dropped to 6% because of recent "market euphoria". Is not the perfect description of it as we are still in recovery phase or ...... ( touch wood). Performance wise -8% roughly. We have 10% gap between me and STI Index.  Slightly lesser after considering Index dividends issued. Starting to take stock of my loan, asset, FD, SSB, emergency funds and free cash again for the next stage of development. Yes, the more cash the merrier ... 2 more weeks to go.



  1. Hi Cory, 250k unrealized loss in March is pretty crazy. I suppose your portfolio itself is huge. I see that you are a hiring manager. Can I take the liberty to ask for a job from you :) I would like to find a mentor and guiren...

    1. In dividend investing strategy, is a norm to see such scale of capital loss. As long the stocks selection is sound, the compounding gains over the years will be enough to mitigate such fluctuations. Yes market is bad. You sound humble.

    2. Yes agree. Trying to find a strategy myself too. Must buy those stock which business will survive this pandemic crisis after that. Like essential services.

      Have been reading your articles for a while. Good that you have been working for so long, collecting your monthly income and bonus, and still able to survive. Not many can do that. Many get KO-ed in the process.

      I am not humble, I am desperate for a change of job, with better money of course. I can already expect what will management say at the end of the year, "it was a bad year, so there is no increment and no bonus". Inflation is trickling in, I am spending less too. Though fixed expenses will still flow, pampers (congrats on stacking 10 packets of them), milk powder, utilities, groceries, insurance, taxes.

      I see that you have promoted one of your senior staff. Good for you and her. Finally bear the fruits of your labour. I also hope to find a mentor in my current job, though filled with foreign talent, i think my chances are close to zero. So I have to look out. In this job market, I know the chances aren't high, but I just keep trying... praying... until something good happens...

    3. Consider myself lucky. I do appreciate what I have. I work hard in my younger days without consideration for pays or status. This tell my bosses what I am capable of that they can relies. This kind of helps my career significantly in later years as new doors are open. And I make strategic choices after. There are sacrifices. Nothing is free.

      One of the important thing I realise a decade ago is that I cannot depend others for a living. I need to have alternate income because my career option is getting limited like you. Instead of knocking harder, I choose Plan B. Everyone do differently. There is no right answer but dependent on ones opportunity. For me is to work as long as I can while saving up to build alternate income. I hate to pray as the only option. I know you too.

    4. Well, good for you that you worked hard without consideration for pay or status. reaping the rewards.

      Of course we have to find Plan B or else we wouldn't be here :)

      Nope, I believe in God. He will answer your prayers in his own way :)

    5. Agreed. God does things in amazing way. We have to do our part too. So much has been answered for me.