Jan 15, 2020

Cory Diary : Resetting Performance Tracker 2020

The year 2020 starts with robust gain though not like the burst we see in start of 2019. Cory portfolio is also not well position to benefit significantly from it. Nevertheless relatively to STI, Cory Portfolio still edge a little bit higher.

The purpose of this post today is not about the gains but the reset feature of recognizing past realised and unreleased gains in 2019 as one's Year 2020 asset. This is done by resetting the Cory portfolio tracker to zero as above along with STI.

This is important concept in Cory Portfolio Strategy management that is not to subject oneself to have a mindset of plenty and that what profited in prior years are not dispensable money.



  1. Can you share how you track above graph? How do you reset? Thanks!

    1. First you need to have a tracking database in Microsoft Excel. Fields are Sti index, P/L in ratio to your portfolio in % and Xirr. Plot them against the date you want to track each time.

    2. For STI, use Excel to compute increase or decrease against 31 dec2019 figure. This will reset it.....