Aug 7, 2019

Cory Diary : laparoscopic cholecystectomy

If anyone wondering what the hell it is, I went for ER more than a week ago and end up for laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery on the same day. Basically to remove my gall bladder and to solve other complication. I would say this is one of the unpleasant surprises I have this year.

Mood swing from positive to delight to negative to very negative .... and then mood came back positive day by day ... all within the span of one week. Sounds like stock market huh ? My wife needs to cheer me up during this period. Think I did more than 10 X-rays well. Fortunately I did not fall into depression from my medical conditions. However, I did loose significant interests to trade considering I am bedridden literally for a week and 5kg lesser.

To be frank, during this "Horrific Period", I took a couple of seconds to glance on my counters despite my mood swings. Today I am back on my desk, to tally up my dividends and portfolio value. What a change for STI gaping down (data points as and when I update my data) to 3170. That's put it just 3.3 % gains this year before dividends.

As for Cory Portfolio I am kind of surprise that XIRR still hold a good 15% YTD or Portfolio yield of 14% range. Do a double check for errors which seems good. The only explanation is that Reits again held up very well as we are compensated by dividends during current turbulent period which also probably gives the impression that the Reit market is sliding more than it was.

I am not sure is time for shopping. I do have some fund in cash management account to boost my portfolio yield (updated for privacy) . My timing on Reits do not have good track record so to speak.... but if I could find something stable for 6% I would grab. That's leave "little" candidates .... to speak of.




  1. Take care fren. Health is the most valuable asset.

    1. True ! Maybe I should speed up my retirement and have ZERO STRESS. :)

  2. Hi, Please take good care Cory, health is more important than wealth !!
    My wife also hv day surgery to remove the cyst recently , lucky is kind of benign after lab test ...when we are getting older , health and time spend with family become more important than wealth and money...
    Cheers !

    1. Nowadays, errr i mean recently, spending did spike ! I am exchanging money for time, efficiency, enjoyment and relation.

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    1. thanks PIF. I notice your SGX is spot on. Congrats.