Dec 14, 2018

Cory Diary : Bubble Chart 2018-1214

Just drawn up this chart. Pretty exciting on the new look of my portfolio. They looks like planetary system. The vertical axis is the Profit/Loss from the investment. The horizontal axis is the estimated dividend yield of the counter.The bubble size is the investment size. There are 3 dividend exceptions which belong to US Market that I do not track therefore zero out. Take me some time to get the labels and colors right due to overlapping.

From the chart, I can tell CMT has a run away whereas Singtel tanks. Maybe that's why I start partial profit taking. I can tell the outliers whether I should pay more attention to them by size such as Neratel. This is a bear market scenario so I am glad there is no congestion on the lower half of the chart

Not sure there is more reading to pick from it. Let me know.


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