Feb 20, 2018

Cory Diary : Recent Trade Actions 20180220

As DIY Investor, when I am not glued to 2018 Budget, at least need to catch the key points. They could provide some help or guidance on what is to come in the future. And then double up with whats app or forum discussion. This will give me a basic idea. The key is information and being smart is not enough. There is one more thing, I need to be fast too. Why ?

Design Studio prior to CNY holiday announced Profit Warning. This is Information. If people who has follow my portfolio, I first did my reduction in this counter so that I can sleep better when price ran up. (link) I know this is SME. And high price volatility in illiquid stock means there can be sharks. DS also has a CEO change. Taking some profit off the table created some profit buffer.

Then the quarterly report is bad, and price took a hit. CFO resigned later (I think last Dec'17). And climaxed with Feb Profit Warning. First trading day 9am, I saw the buy queue 0.52. I miss to sell it in seconds.  (In my heart is like %^&$#@). The price went down to 0.48 to 0.50 range quickly which I manage to sell down most of my remaining shares.  I am still left with few k unable to clear due to no buyer. My pain to learn. The day ended at 0.40. That's fierce. Cut loss and sell down are key steps I took to mitigate my losses for this situation as I am blind sided on how bad the news are.

I have few other trades this month but I think writing down my experience on Design Studio is enough for me tonight. Is late past 1 am ... Hope you have a Happy Chinese New Year.



  1. wah.. STE doubled his stake in Design Studio, while you divested...Not sure what MW will do. Who is right? Who is wrong?

    1. Wow ... doubled. I do hope my friend is right ! I have accepted my fate. :)