Feb 9, 2018

Cory Diary : Disappointing Singtel Results - Feb 2018

DJIA has been shaken twice within a short space of time after I blogged days before it on my concern of the correction coming and my fear of Crypto Currency. What I am more surprise is the weaker result than I anticipated of Singtel. Bad news like to come in a string.


Did a quick glance on Singtel Results. Weaker associates result pull down overall performance but there are strong area and direction which management has been making proactively. Holding to most of the cash from Net-link sale is right move. FCF still look ok. Nevertheless, associates make up a good portion of Singtel earning and I am disappointed. While I think they can continue to maintain dividend without problem, I am not 100% sure that they want till they do.

For long term I still find Singtel is a much better and safer bet. And their investments are well positioned. For short term, DJIA volatility is a concern and I like to understand how this play out first. For Mid term it may takes more time for Singtel to transform. Therefore I decide to adjust my position size accordingly. Yes, peace of mind is important. And will re-balance the cash raised to be invested prudently at the right time.



  1. Hi, I did a check on Singtel since it appeared in my screens (52 week low). What many people didn't realized is that the company is burdened by a "flesh eating bacteria" which is slowly chipping away at its profits. It is an investment with a germ sounding name and I am sure part of it contributes to the EBIT loss of $103 million for the 9 months of 2017 in the Group Digital Life section.

  2. I differ from the above poster. That "bacteria" will be a helpful contributor from this quarter onwards. We will see that