Jan 3, 2018

Cory Diary : Financial Well-being Ending 2017

Year 2017 has been awesome for many investors. Based on many financial bloggers so far, double digits gain are a norm. And this keeps me thinking about how unfair to saver is where some will die for $1000 while those who are more adventurous makes $100K extra just sitting in his living room tweeting with his spare time.

Even when one step out of his comfort domain, a double digits gain of 10K in absolute returns are no where near to one with 100K portfolio for example. And here come the chicken and egg things. We need to achieve a good size portfolio to benefit from scale and returns but we can't jump the gun as we need to fall and learn when small, and grow them. This takes time for most people probably.

Saving and Net Worth

In 2017, I have achieved 45% in saving from salary and bonus. This is a nice surprise since I do not track them deliberately to save. It just occurs naturally to me what is worth to buy and value to enjoy however I knew spending were up given that I have been giving regular treats to friends and colleagues. Total Net worth is probably up 10%, and that's quite significant for me on the last decade of my working lifespan.

Anxiety Freak

One of the blessings I had is not having dividend target in my early years. I only have few K dividend then and they just happens to receive it. They just grew slowly over the years with portfolio size. I did a re-balance in 2013 and never look back. However if I am to start with a dividend target on current size that time it can be a bit demoralising. There won't be target for 2018 on Net worth as usual as there aren't a robust plan and specific needs to start. I will leave this for the future. Liquid net worth portion increased by almost 12% and this do allows me to project a higher SG equity dividend target of 45k-50k. A situation where money grow money.

One step at a time

One last thing for today into my diary. The road to prosperity for people without inheritance or financially strong family are not that straight forward. We need to find our way to get the best education within financial limit. And then get a good job and save to grow our Net Worth. To learn financial literacy from scratch is something oneself has to fix. One is handicapped if we are not optimally invested. Is even harder when we do not have a regular job to save the required to build. Even when we overcome all this problems, able to invest and win enough is another challenge investors have to beat.  But this is not impossible to start doing something today in baby step that I have went through. And the bottom lies with Passion I feel. Once we open our minds to it and have a plan that can overcome the risk adversity.

Happy 2018



  1. Hi Cory,

    Good reflections! Btw, is that a picture of yourself?

  2. Hi UN, let says it is within the boundary that I can accept of myself. :)

  3. Cory,

    What? No measure and track expenses? No SMART targets/goals for dividends?


    I'm not so alone afterall :)

    Do farmers measure and track how fast their newly planted young durian trees grow every month?

    When durians appear, they will appear.

    When you stop working, will will come back or continue to stay in Taiwan for the mei-mei over there?

    1. Agar agar works. Precise is for the passionate. Same with Taiwan mei-mei. Can decide when I am there. There are probably other alternatives by then. LOL.

  4. Hi Cory,

    Been awhile talking to you. Happy 2018! Finally get to put a face to the name seeing your updates.

    Cannot agree more on the portion "The road to prosperity for people without inheritance or financially strong family are not that straight forward". My guess is you are not borne with a silver spoon as well. One learns the most usually when he struggles ,and it is hard for the rich to fully understand.

    Since I have recently ventured in overseas markets, any thoughts on only investing in SG market? (Nothing wrong by doing so, just curious since you have much cash on hand) haha


    1. Welcome back Frowns88. I notice you do well too.

      I am assuming US Market since I am not familiar with others even though I am based oversea nearer to asia key markets. I do not like W8 Ben if you know what I mean. And being a dividend players means lesser returns from US Market. Too much hassle. Maybe I will consider them when I have ample cash when retired and SG no longer viable.

      Right now i have my plate full in SG. A market which I am like 10 times familiar with. I do envy people who invest in stock in APPL, C, Alibaba, Google ...


  5. Hi Cory,

    Yes. lesser dividends in US definitely plus extra tax and fees. Good to hear your opinion as well. guess we can agree it depends on individual risk reward preferences.

    Nevetheless , there are always gems if one wants to find them. Take a look at Ford Motors in USA, it might surprise you that their yield is above 4% along with its current cheap valuation. :)

  6. One things at a time is great thought but most people can't follow this.