Nov 21, 2017

Cory Diary : Portfolio Updates 20171121

With all of my counters result out, is time to do a quick peek of my Portfolio.

For the start, STI index went up crazy today and for the matter this year. If we include dividends, that 20% up at least ytd whereas Singtel lingers on despite higher dividend due to 3 cents special. A reason of my widening gap with STI Index. Having say that I still feel this Telco is undervalued. Hopefully the market will price it right soon.

Another disappointment I have is AGT. I always been wondering why there was a large unknown figure flickering in the quarterly report. Is probably the deposits redemption at play now. This is the unpredictable nature of equity investment even when we have confidence, to maintain diversification strategy. Prior to the result, I reduced my holding by 60% just to mitigate my risk or you can say "Take Profit" as it was additional purchase due to Jul/Aug lower level. Nevertheless 40% leftover do cause a drag in my portfolio.

Finally, my last pain is QAF. I did not reduce my exposure when it rebounded before the IPO cancellation. Need to remind myself again that Market do not care about what price I buy. It fluctuates to market sentiment and fundamental. Just not me.

Despite all this negativity, XIRR = 13.5% ytd ( excl. fixed investment ). (updated for privacy)

I have initiated small positions in SPH Reit and Singapore O&G.



  1. Your style of following "famous bloggers" investing is a bit risky, cos the bloggers may not be good and they may not reveal their actual transations, e.g. holding 1 lot of XXX stock is also holding XXX stock.

    Furthermore, your reasons of selling, not buying and buying are not clear, not fundamental but "flicker" with lots of hindsight bias.

    The frequent trading with no clear investment strategy is also quite risky, esp your portfolio is large(I assume) and it is your reirement fund.

    No offense, just some observations from a passing-by reader. Please delete if you find it offensive. Good luck!

    1. Comment welcome. The larger amount of trading maybe is becoz I am having fun. I do enjoy it. Surely getting ideas from other bloggers help. They only constitute a small portion of my portfolio. So far is still net positive. The key is staying nimble. To me Hold forever do not suits me. Opportunity base is. Dividends investment is. My equity only constitutes 31% currently of my net asset. And If we are to strip away "Fixed"'', probably only 20%. Think I am way under invested. My total returns for the past 10 years is about 50% of my investment. Annualized 7%. And I yet retired. :)