Nov 8, 2017

Cory Diary : Is my Portfolio ready for the next leap ?

Read today headline ...

"Ex-HDB chief: Singapore must still aim for population of 10 million"

"He said planning without calculating the land resources available to support population growth could put us at risk of running out of land.

Dr Liu, who is also founding chairman of the Centre for Liveable Cities, added: "Before Singaporeans complain, they have to ask themselves: How long do you want Singapore to stay as a sovereign country?"

He is talking at Year 2100 but this bring back our whitepaper on the next leap in population. Yes, many people in different camps when we talk about population growth. We think of Singapore MRT .... haiz. I know Taipei for a long time and never once i encounter MRT breakdown. To be fair their line is younger by a decade and they did got hit by a major flood. Typhoon Nari flooded all underground tracks as well as 16 stations.

To me investing in Singapore equity means I see future in Singapore growth else I should go somewhere else. And planning must come in to support it. Is my Portfolio ready to ride with the population increase ? Don't miss the boat again ?