Apr 20, 2014

Cory Diary : Property Crazy Question

Let say i have enough budget for either.
Apply value investing and quality of life, which should i go ?

Property 1 : Condo (New)
Region: RCR
Area: 850 sqf
Price: S$1 M
Rental Value: S$3000
Proximity: School, NE MRT/CIRCLE

This leave me with heavier loan, small family, less money for equity and need more loan for car.

Property 2: HDB Re-Sale (10 yrs)
Region: NE Region
Area : 1200 sqf
Price: S$600K
Rental Value: S$3300
Proximity: School, Coffee Shop, Supermarket, NE MRT/LRT

This leave me with 400K to do stock investment, larger family, major renovation and a car.

20 April'14


  1. First thing first, what's the objectives of buying?
    Once you're very clear what's your purposes then you can buy based on your affordability and budget.
    Let me know if you need to chat.

  2. thanks for your suggestion. I will need a bigger space for my family while maintaining a comfortable lifestyle with nearby amenities for old folks. Looks like 2+1 Condo won't cut it. :)

  3. :-)
    Sharp! Once you'd frame your objective, the rest will be easier to tackle.
    :heart: Love Compassion

  4. Looks like the property has hit the ceiling and down turn from here. With the supply coming in next 2 years, assuming no u-turn, maybe private property will become affordable again. :)