Apr 17, 2014

Cory Diary : Dividend Dimension

Why Dividends ?

Keep my CEOs on their toes
Best proof of returns
Income sustainability

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No turning back on the Twin Pillars Strategy - Dividends & Growths.
Q1 2014 has been slow due to divestment of some Reits counters. Of course is still in the earlier part of the year. Building portfolio back up with strong cash companies. I will have to catch up to beat 2013 dividends but not going to lose an arm or leg for it.

17th April 2014


  1. Wow - almost $30,000 a year in dividends.
    Double that and most people can retire.
    Triple that - even better.
    But agree with you, don't lose arm and leg trying to achieve that.
    Buy low, then dividend will go up high.

  2. thanks for your comment. Nothing to add other than i wish to return in kind with your name. :)

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  4. Hi Paul, yes i do desire to move my dividends uptrend. As mentioned, i divested some reits early this year. And i am constantly looking for new ones to fill the void and more.