Jan 9, 2024

Cory Diary : Investment Ratios

Today played around Ratios with newly updated Asset numbers. We start with Asset Allocation. See below.

And then we do some interesting Ratios among them.

The first ratio is how much liquidity on current assets that i can move easily. This give me an idea if I am to ramp up my equity portfolio to support war chest.

The second ratio is how much resource into property. 61% of Equity size. This tell me how diversified is my income stream considering both are considerable income sources.

The third ratio is how much idle cash against equity which is 16% on opportunity cost. On the net worth allocation wise, cash is just 5.4% only. This surprising facts tell me there is more work to do to manage cash better after year end bonuses and stock option sales.

The final ratio is how much Fixed income allocated. They come from FD, SSB, T-Bills etc. In this ratio is whopping 53% of Equity. Am I really conservative ? On Net Worth allocation wise the fixed income ratio is only 18.5%.

I could rationalize that my Equity allocation has reach bottom so no more sales unless market really really tempt me. Cheers

Something to think about this month ! 

Cory Diary

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