Aug 28, 2023

Cory Diary : Net Worth Tracking 2023-08

The longest 16 months. Net Worth has stayed flattest ever in Current High Inflation Environment. However, the losses in Equity market of last year is likely behind us, so far. Touchwood ! In this article I documented what I do so far that affects my Net Worth trend currently.


What I did is to continue be vested in market while expanding allocation in T-Bills and SSB during this flatten period. By now, it looks to me it could be time to unwind T-Bills in alternate staggered month fashion. What I mean is not to renew in first batch expiry but on the next in alternate step. This will spread out with lower allocation over time while allocating more cash move into Equity Market.


After thinking through, we still do not have any idea how long the high rate environment will last even though is near it's peak. Who know this could last much longer. This could lengthen Reits recovery and more benefits the bank longer. And when rates finally lowered, the bank will enjoy it too. In that perspective, bank segment seems to be a better play in-addition to 6% yield we could be getting from local banks. This is on the back of 50% earning retention without needs to face rights issue constantly in current environment.

So have we found ourselves the holy grail in our investment pick ? Let's no hoodwinked to think there is no downside. With China seems to be imploding economically their property segment has never been worst. We could see recession spreading to our shore. This may have some impact on the stock market and if worsen could spiral down. If this happen, neither Bank nor Reits will do well.

Therefore, in local equity market scene, Banks are likely the better bet than most with sustainable income and dividend. So the Portfolio continues to expand and right now hold more than 25% in bank allocation. This could grow to 33% as they don't look expensive at all. Nevertheless, sizing for balance mental state is still important to sleep well as market is in constant change.

Managing Volatility

The larger the volatility the smaller the allocation using commonsense. Which is what I did when Tesla ran up significantly. In hindsight, we could have sold more but that could mean the counter impact to the portfolio would be so small it wouldn't be worth our while. With the cash raised, we probably could do a forex gain to SGD with recent USD moves, and then buy local. Is quite rare that I have good luck in forex being local.


What do I think by end of the year. One thing likely will be smaller bonus and not much salary adjustment. Later part is probably what I wanted, to last longer if you understand what I mean ! The pandemic has implanted many of us the seed of laziness at home. Question is when will this be reflected in the broader economy. I mean something has to give, right ? hmmm

Probably those that could not adapt or manage their staffs will see upheaval change in their respective industry where companies get replaced by passionate start-up which are running much more efficiently and effectively. How can we tap on this ? Difficult to execute for most people I guess. One thing for sure my Net Worth aren't growing fast enough. Maybe is a good thing to have when after decades of investment, monthly salary saved slipping out finding it harder to push for the net worth growth as it gets larger.


Fortunately, the base of the pyramid namely CPF, T-Bills, SSB ... or even rental income etc which are positioned way earlier fulfilled the basic living needs. See link Pyramid. This doesn't end there as we still need to constantly review the absolute amount is still meaningful after each year. If we execute properly over decades, the ever increasing basic amount over time will become larger while in percentage term be smaller as the portfolio grows, if it does grow.

What this mean is every cent earned after expense can be plough into Equity theoretically or psychologically keeps the investment size intact in down market through buying lows. Solidifying future growth of the portfolio. Sounds easy huh. Till you try to buy in ever lowing market and tearing your hair out. A believer of biting multiple small chunks to survive psychologically one has to be.

Snake Oil

Before ending out. Be aware of half smart thoughts. Not just me ok ! Commonsense tells use that 100 years of S&P500 performance may tell us the future performance. I am sorry to say this is the most dangerous statement because 100 years ago performance can have outsize influence when you annualised S&P500 returns. Is not like that you can have a time machine to go back 100 years to put a dime into your investment account. You can't, and therefore it does not translate to future returns.


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