May 28, 2022

Cory Diary : Pricing Power

One area I notice is that many of my stock selections revolve around Pricing Power. Let's mentioned a number of them.

SHENG SIONG - Basic necessity, different market segment from main competitors, growing stores. This are good inflation hedges.

FCT - Basic necessity, Connectivity, Property and Strong Sponsor with pipelines. Another good inflation hedges.

DBS - Basic Services, Integration of Services, Regional Expansion, Sustainable Strong Dividend, Strong Cash Flow, Benefits from Rising Rate, Largest Bank of the main three banks.

TESLA - Strong Cash Flow, Demand > Supply for at least 3 months, Strong Margins, Growing EV Market Shipments, Car Pricing keeps going up.

MICROSOFT - Strong Cash Flow, OS Monopoly, Strong Margins, Pricing Power, Software Businesses ( Scaling ).

Bracing Inflation Head On !



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