Apr 10, 2022

Cory Diary : DBS Multiplier Experience Sharing

Often we need to have some working cash, immediate cash or emergency needs. So able to optimize this amount of idle money will provide some returns. Fixed Deposit rate is bad in current environment and not as flexible. Even if rates continue to increase, is still low.

Conditions required for DBS Multiplier as follow currently. This could change. Currently to enjoy the max benefit we need to park $100k as below table. This cash can move out to other saving accounts as needed for use.

Under the My Account tab, DBS will track it monthly on your earning from Multiplier.

Following 4/5 criteria is met. So we hit 2% for the $50k and 3% for the next $50k as long eligible transactions meet $30k. This can come from salary, dividends, share transactions, credit card etc. Obviously I will not increase my credit card spending to meet the condition.

There are two types of returns below given on different day. If we are to add them all up, totaled $212.35 for  the month. Which mean a potential income of $2548.20 for the year.

We have formed a basic layer of income stream. Nice way for money to grow money.


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