Apr 22, 2021

Cory Diary : What keeps me worry at night

Beside money, yes besides money ... Is Not Investing Enough. If one has done their Maths, they will know that to meet specific lifestyle, how much is needed to grow our asset financially to achieve prudently and lasting our lifetime. Of course one could live like a "Beggar" but this is after we failed to achieve the goals we want and still shout out that we are still financially free because we can live within our means.

However do not need to be too perturbed about the use of word "Beggar" as in context is meant to not meeting the level of standard deep down in our heart we hope to have but likely much further from our dream. Now, to throw our weight or asset into investments, we need to look further ahead. How far depends on one attributes. I would say after investing for more than a decade, 6 months are pretty good estimate of where we going to be. Is still not 100%. Maybe 7 our of 10 will be a good number that we will be ok if we are to use number of stocks as measure. Which means ... we need to diversify.

A month ago I sold some of my DBS shares before Ex-dividend. A small bet that I am able to get it back cheaper. Do this a few rounds. The last one waited past Ex-dividends. And I manage to buy most of it back yesterday. Phew. This keeps me awake at night for kopi money.

Next, are you a dooms day person even when we are on recovery path ? I happen to read some articles while walking home. In year 1918 pandemic, the world recovered in about 2 years without vaccine. Basically stronger strain dies off and population immunity. Probably 100 Millions died. Will this be a good estimation for Lesser Devil Covid 19 ? 

With all the printing to support Covid Packages around the world, will there be a bubble ? I think we have not seen Euphoria yet despite US market reaching ATH due to K Recovery, and market steering to businesses that do well during this pandemic. Maybe Crypto will ignite it. Maybe SPAC will. Maybe WFH will. Maybe .... Blockchain will ... ... . By now you know all this doesn't keep me awake at night.

thank you for reading. Good night.

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  1. Why trade like this if it keeps you awake? For every dbs you trade successfully for kopi money, you lose big time with Sheng Siong, JD, nano etc. Don't be influenced by others like CW- his overall return long term is very very low with all the trading..Just my 2 cents comments.

    1. An example of occasional only and not a major problem. I think everyone has their pet style but you could be right. So far my outcome has been much better with a balance of risk, dividend and excitement which occasional keeps me tight. The worry of too much undeployed cash and worry of lack of cash too. Both can result in not investing enough. For DBS, I tapped on 25% for trading. DBS happens this time to be good counter balance for my reits. Often if I mistimed a reit, I have other reits to go to. Nevertheless there is some calculated bets on a small portion churned up on my dividend portfolio. The major worry will be emptying portfolio due to major event. This can reduce dividend significantly.

      However the essence of the article is as deep dividend player the worry can be very different from a trader.