Mar 16, 2021

Cory Diary : Financial Updates


To most people, the largest impact will be Salary Income. Well, at least for my generation. :) Within the organization we have been asked to prepare a small list for possible retrenchment if there is insufficient attrition. This is not like we are doing bad. The company is doing quite well but I guess the top management always like to see constant lifting of performance bar, talent flows, cost structure etc. It does cross my mind whether should I ask for voluntary however money is always not enough even though financially I am quite ahead on average. 

I am now in the mode to work as long as possible as I am on my comfort pace. The idea of constant cash injection into my saving account, occasional Bonus and then Stock rewards in-additional to other benefits can be quite "addictive" rather than the fear which I think always lies right at the bottom which will surface occasionally when I feel not enough money to invest. To put in easier context to understand, every month of work remuneration equals to a paid holiday vacation for the family. That's how hard to let go.

In-addition to that, able to contribute actively in the workforce and seeing products you are part of is always fulfilling other than being in constant InTouch with the industry and people. Often as well the satisfaction of able to lead and guide members of my team and colleagues will feel rewarding as it does need certainly level of seniority skillset often lacking in the company. I have seen people who work on projects for many quarters when the scope is not really practical or required. This is a sign of lacking experience people who can close them in minutes. So much effort spend on useless projects. Maybe there are too many Project Managers just to keep everyone busy and paid.

Asset Allocation

It has been some time that I have not been Tallying up my asset. I feel the need to do this to move forward as there are competing areas we need to review, balance and invest. Cash, salary, dividends, trades, loans, credit, local/oversea, current/non-current are all the moving parts. How much buffers or spare cash after emergency, housing etc. There are many saving and investment accounts to check. Basically it boils down to Cashflow and Return. To move I need to have a good view on past and current for the future. This is how I derive my Total Net Worth too. Asset wise reach ATH due to gain in company stocks else I think is a flat quarter. Kind of lucky.

There need to be comparison when I talk about adjustments. Here's the previous post. ( link )

Investment Accounts

There's a decrease in investment account as I invested more. Cash is up too. So Probably I could re-balance them. Fixed deposits are now mainly in oversea accounts as I plan to eliminate most of FD locally. Emergency cash is now saving cash. Similarly, Bond will be on downtrend except for SSB which is under Gov securities.


CPF has expanded due to top ups. And this hope to be annual affair before Age 55. I plan to try out SA investing just to have a good ideal on the Shielding Process. Overall, CPF is a portion of retirement plan and my expectation is Stock will really be the key after I retired.


There is a few big ticket items. One is I feel Rei needs a boost in immunity and decided to provide her a RSV. 1K cost in nanny for each girls. A coway air purifier. Coming expenses will be new set of clothing for Xin as she has reached 2 year old. Tax Payment. Have been contemplating to move to a larger apartment but currently at back burner. This could change anytime.


I did a quick glance through the recent correction in US Market and most of the spike has been worn off and is back to the manageable slope of growth path. Having step into US market proper, there are opportunities that I could setup more funding on them. One of my favorite is Tesla. Right now the invest amount is minimal but I could expanded my investment exponentially if opportunity arise. Market can still come down as valuation wise is still quite rich across the board.

Tesla is already a profitable company in 2020. However, the profit looks emerging which means trying to use PE to rate them will give you a very high value which looks very expensive but misleading. Price has swing down from 800s to 500s and back up to near 700s. The swing is wild which I never expects that being new to this market.

For Tesla current PE ratio is 1083. Astronomical number. However the earning could doubled quickly from 0.64 to 1.28 and the PE could come crashing down to 500s. I am not saying it will be this for sure but for a high growth company which is just profitable, the potential is there. The EV Car is real and selling well and limited by it's production capacity. Is a calculated bet as they are a prime mover of the industry just like Apple on Mobile Phone. You know they are doing well when there aren't need for Sales People. The signs are all there of a successful company on a path of prosperity.

I am quite excited with US stocks even though they are still a small portion of my overall equities.


Singapore Reit market has been shaken by recent yield spike despite the overall yield is still very low in the grand scheme of thing. So I am quite confident to continue to add. The Reit yield is now quite attractive for example Ascendas and MINT both hit more than 5%. I did a timing trades selling significant portion of my Ascendas when the price peaks to a point I sold too much and need to buy back some just in case I am wrong. That's a good move this Q1 and has been in buying back mode since. That's a few coway saved.

Later batches do takes time to build up as purchases are spaced out in case the retraction drawn out is long. I do not want to be a in situation that my precious fund dry up too early which will be bad for the mean values and missing out a much better yield returns. This also helps to maintain sufficient War Chest which are pooled together not to get depleted before any major crash.

Trading Accounts

Finally, to make thing slightly complex I have a few trading accounts. Trading cost is now a growing concern for me as this point of time. I have been using DBS Treasure for a large portion of my trades now. The transfer of fund is also make easy being connected to the saving accounts. However for US trades I am still going through Poems - Cash Management. We will explore later as we grow over there.


Dividend wise for Q1 is a little slow. In summary. Take this with quarterly and half yearly in context for different stocks. Theoretical max is now $57k annual as each time there is market draw down I will start buying bigger which helps to boost my dividend. I hope to be able to achieve $60k mid term.


Starting to explore Syfe and probably a few more similar products if any out there for diversification. This is more for legacy planning on how my family can continue to invest in a more assisted way. And will likely to do some try out as this will be easier for wife to manage instead of stock pickings. I have never been keen on Unit Trusts as to me is a black box that can be easily manipulated or affected by a few individuals. I could be totally wrong on this perception but I will still be ok. Robo Advisor platform maybe a new dimension of investment which seems much better, harder to be manipulated and we have more controls. Anyway i could be wrong but is first step in learning.

Articles in this Blog is personal take and educational purposes only. Reader should seek their own professional help when making financial decision and be responsible for their decision.


  1. is Coway good? I'm looking for air purifier for home new infant as well. Appreciate any rec haha.

    1. This is my 2nd. Yup is good and value for money as well. One of the nice feature is the rotating light will turn from blue to green when the air is poor for my model. Not sure how they do it but that's what i saw.