Feb 20, 2021

Cory Diary : Life getting to Normacy

2/17 is Special. The Day we carried Younger Rei to Nanny Place. She is almost a year old now and we feel comfortable she is ready to survive out there. Taking care of baby Rei the first year has been an Arduous journey as she was pre-matured and need much more special care. This make me realised that we have been fortunate on our first and never fully walked away with a "Credited Parent Badge journey" till now.

Interestingly, when we first has Xin, I thought bringing her up is not easy. Schedule is really full. The only truly rest time I have is like a midnight 5 min walk to a local 7-11 to take a sip of coffee while browsing through the internet. Rei up my time management capability that feels like "Tripled". So Xin is really a walk in the park actually. This further reminds me again that we should never take things for granted as it can be a lot worst. ( "Trembling laughter" )

Rei is slow in learning to crawl so Doctor recommended that she goes for some therapy to let her catch up physically. Each time I am there, there is sense of guilts to remind us that we did not provide equal amount of playtime for her that a Good Nanny plays. And this can further be attest when just a few days under a Trained Nanny care, Rei shows significant improvements in her phys.

As for Physical Therapy, not often seen and hidden from social visibility, there is group of children of various disability undergoing therapy as well who needs much more help than we are. And here I am feeling fortunate and uncomfortable to take some time away of the trainer the unsung heroes, and high praise for those parents who never give up on their child. Some of their journey is really tough and will need a lot of helps from Relatives, Friends and the Society.

With Nanny helps, now we all have more time for ourselves and another monthly budget cost of  $1,000. But I can tell you, every cent is well spend. One of best investment even for working Stay-at-Home parents. 


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