Nov 10, 2020

Cory Diary : Asset Allocation Updates - 2020-1110

What I see ...

With the American elections kind of over, the Win by Biden is not clean unfortunately. There could be rounds of litigations. So this may linger longer than expected. Will there be blackswan ? 

At the same time, appears the world is emerging out from Covid-19 as Vaccines started making large progress. Interestingly, each major countries have their own "Sputnik" to show off. Maybe time to get off the rubbery stocks if one is invested. I don't have such issue. ha ha. .. .. ...

Across the causeway, things aren't getting better. While locally here, the progress on green lanes is on the way. Hopefully, our neighbor do not add more complexity to the situation as the island is getting back to the New Normal. This will help the Reits and basic social services. Will banks suffer the same fate as Telco when introduced with uneven competition ?

As I grow out of 50th, retirement financials will be key as I have two toddlers to care for. Some people may feel why that late. Frankly I feel timing has not been better. We come to this world to experience life and given the opportunity and affordability, I would try. I do not want to miss something and wasted the chance in this life when we can. 

There will be now more focus on getting CPF sized right with the right characteristic suitable for the family. At the same time maintaining the right balance on equity front to generate enough dividends and hopefully growth in risk mitigated manner. I still have housing loan to pay up so cashflow from rent will be something to watch. This is in addition to making sure our parents are cared for. Quite a delicate balance.

Lastly, do I look forward for grandkids ?  No lah.  Think I have what is needed to experience life full circle already. Maybe just to make sure the girls are given the best chance to succeed. Since young, I have always been self aware of my limited ability so already feel blessed in achieving something I never dream of today.

Finally, never takes thing for granted. Treasure what I have. Don't make the mistake that the Grass is always greener on the other side. 


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