Sep 7, 2019

Cory Diary : All Time High !

6th Sept 2019 is a bit special in the morning hours. Cory Portfolio reached an All Time high (ATH) profits (updated for privacy)  when just recently reported returns. Another 12.8% gain. This is the result of a few key stocks reaching all time high (ATH) as well. Before we start congratulating, as soon portfolio hits ATH, the market turns for the worst and ended up lower than it started .... sian ... ....

With funds still available, I am browsing through 5 stocks of interests in which 3 has hit ATH that day. The other two I may mention them some other times due to limited time. So for today, they are namely FCOT, Ascendas Reit and Mapletree Ind Tr.

FCOT - Hit $1.7 but ended lower $1.64. A -3.5% down swing for the day. Seldom we see such movement as large as that day. One of the key reason is the 1.7 psychological level. The other is ATH. As is Friday, people starts to take profit.

The fundamental of FCOT has improved with Google on-board. And with other facility ready for contributions, we could see growing DPU. There are few concerns on the sustainability of the DPU. I have optimistic view. Even in t he event of reduction, the yield is good in this time of market. The only area i need to manage is exposure. Cory portfolio has 7.8% holding.

Ascendas Reit - Another ATH counter that day. Hits $3.21 before coming down $3.14. Swing of 7 cents is quite a lot in absolute figure but not really for a 3 dollar plus stock in percentage term. -2.18% from opening. The volume looks alright.

Year 2019 we see a good trajectory of the stock price due to it's size and stability in returns. Since GFC the stock price has been on a tear. One way up. A 3 baggers excluding dividends. A sure bet so far. The yield is about 5% and Cory Portfolio has 7% exposure.

Mapletree Ind Tr - Yes, this is another ATH stock. High $2.39 and close $2.34. The plus of this is the growth and US Data centers. If we think is at high price, the stock is also on one way up since IPO 2010.  While we could see correction in any stock hitting 1 year of DPU, it will likely takes a bad market for 2 Years of DPU. During this period, a year could have gone by buffering the capital loss. This can applies to all above mentioned stocks. Cory Portfolio has 8.4% exposure in it.

Are you ready to hoot or go for another waiting game ? For Cory now, question is whether he is happy with the yield for the risk. Most importantly to treat it always as a new purchase and overall portfolio view.

The risk is from the angle we need to look at whether the STI and Banks will be on a new uptrend as they are quite resilient that day. 


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  1. I am treating it like a business. The value of the business grow 100 times. Each year you pay yourself some money from the profit. However the "capital gain" is the value of the business.

    Do we want to close shop ?
    Divest some non-core businesses ?
    Continue to grow the value ?