Aug 6, 2018

Cory Diary : Cruising Mode - Portfolio

It has been a month since my last update on portfolio performance. I am excited to report it because it comes a long way of recovery against STI. More like STI dancing around me. Why ?

At this point in time, for STI to catch up there will be few scenarios. One potential is DBS comes backup. With my greater exposure in STI Index plus having WFC, and OCBC. I would be happy it does.

The other is O&G recovery. I have no good feel of this industry. The only buy I would seriously consider is Keppel which is in one of my potential list. 

Thirdly, I screw up. 24 counters currently. Max 10%. Often I am tempted to move pass my own barrier. And there are't any local tech stocks. ops.


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