Sep 3, 2017

Cory Diary : Recent Trade Actions 20170903

The market has been a little boring. I try to fill my time and not subject myself to unnecessary trades which has been creeping into my profits which currently cost about 0.6% of my portfolio.

So what I did ? Has been active recently on my "Retirement Hobbies". Realized that I have been circling around them after grown tired after a period of frantic activities. :-) One of my hobbies that I have been in it hits more than 20 years i think. Sorry I don't keep track of them like what I do on my trading.

C. sodalis
Did a major clean up using Soda flour and Lime powder to massage the glass. The Aquarium tank looks as good as new.

There are two new species I bought recently. C. sodalis. A very shy fish species. The other C. duplicareus. Apologies for any mis-spelling. One of my favorite.

C. duplicareus
As for my recent trades,


Cleared my holding in LMIR. Reason being i have less time to monitor the coming volatility of it. Another being I have 13% returns from it this year which is a good time to lock it.


Start vesting in small amount. Still wary on the strong STI. However this help to track a little closer to Index which is still far from it.


Has moved up to my expected level. Excellent run since I last blogged a few times on this Reit. The return and future expectation are intact. To manage my exposure, I reduced some but is still my core holding.

Lastly, Singtel entered some correction phase. I did nothing. I also notice NetLink NBN Tr has held up well after stabilization period. I did some other counters trade as well but will blog when i think of it. To end it all, my Xirr non-fixed is around 11.6% this year return alone. STI 13.8% excluding dividends. So I am just a little shy but am still happy it stays this way till year end.




  1. Hi Cory,

    Nice aquarium! I always had a hunch that you were a catfish keeper because of your username/email address. Guess that's true.

    I'm a Shrimp & Crayfish keeper. :)

    Along with AK, we three are the marine pet lovers of the financial blogosphere!

    1. I have shrimp. Tried crystal shrimps but not great so far. Taiwan liu li shrimps are quite easy though. :)

      I have an aquarium blog though.

    2. Hi Cory,

      Nice aquarium blog you have there.

      I've not tried raising crystal red shrimps though. I mainly rear yamato/amano shrimps. Quite hardy and got a lot of cute antics to watch. :D

      Tried yellow shrimps once, but they died quickly. :(

      I also got some volcanic shrimp (dunno whether correct term or not) that are kept in a self-sustaining environment.

    3. Sounds like you are in "Planted Tank" and is not unfamiliar with CO2. :)