Jun 10, 2017

Cory Diary : What does XIRR 6.8% Annualized return looks like ?

When we have $10,000 and annual returns of like 5%, it seems to take forever to achieve financial freedom. However Freedom is about going through the learning experiences. The anxiety of market dynamics. The building up of portfolio. The compounding of what one has.

Here's a chart of 6.8% Annualized growths mean in green.

Not going to lie is easy but is not improbable either.

Talking to myself mode. Continue to stay nimble, invest what I can sleep on, cut loss, study financial report, use a bit of TA, don't go on margin, reasonable margin of safety, logical diversification and don't gamble in rubbish stocks. Stock tips from forums, blogs, analysts, friends and relatives are just a dream for me to dream.



  1. Good say on "invest what I can sleep on"

    1. Thanks Sweet. May we have good dreams. :-)

  2. Position sizing, trailing stop loss, smart asset allocation, sector & geographical diversification.

    Have a mechanism to also side-step those big drawdowns e.g. 2008, 2011, 2015 in your chart above.

    1. Good point. Side-step the drawdown will help significantly. And I have studied on it past years. Avoiding the major draw down do boost. Geographical wise, other than foreign currencies, I plan to focus equity locally. I do have some US stocks though.