Jun 7, 2016

Cory Diary : Cory Portfolio 2016 0607

Portfolio Management

has been my key strategy for a long time which includes Safe Bonds and Preference Shares. I am able to stomach losses and keep me sane. Most importantly I have the mental coolness to make the right decision of Re-Balancing my stocks. This is another key strategy in my investment plan. The recent years strategic addition which I mentioned a few times in my earlier notes are the Dividend Strategy introduction and inclusion of STI index.

On the left, is my current proportion of my asset.
As you can see, my Cash and FD are still a little high. I am a conservative guy ! It takes me a long time to bring down my cash/FD to this level.

Together with my CPF, Property, Basic Insurances, Pension, Fixed Deposits and Cash, they form a net web of safeguards. With this, DIY Investment is a very viable plan to me and this model has works for more than a decade.

Invested amount has been growing steadily since 2011(roughly) if I remember correctly. XIRR is similar to annualized returns for each year.

Cumulative XIRR  continues to slip down from 15% to 6.3%  due to recent mute years. A 6.3% Cumulative XIRR means compounded returns of 6.3% and for me already achieved for almost 10 years per below chart. For every $1 invested in 2007 will be roughly $1.45 today. This data is as raw as it is. No hidden cost, no mark up, no time based tricks that you often seen over marketing materials. Real returns right into my account if I sell everything into cash. No accounting trick or mark-up valuation model.

DIY Equity investment

My believe is I can only Trust myself to take care of my own money and retirement. So I have strong interests to make sure I succeed. And the real fear is I do not want to wake up one day to find out my Fund Manager is no longer in normal operation due to fraud, redemption issue or receive poor performance excuses. Their operation are total Black Box to me and this option is logically unacceptable.

Neither is it acceptable to me that my money in them  has low returns. Needless to say, losses. Some maybe desperate enough to provide guarantee. Even if they say they will, what's make you think they can when the uneventful comes ? Neither performance based rewards make sense to me as their zero fees are irrelevant to my losses.

Whatever printed document they can update me or articulate holds no water. This is real issues which is a big concern and which I can and should control. And this start my DIY journey of learning to do on my own as Equity Investment today is relatively easy to learn and understand, in my personal opinion. I can continuously tweak and improve my model with time. I am rather conservative and I constructed it as such into my plans. Really glad and never look back.

Happy Investing !



  1. Hi Cory,

    Happen to come across your blog. I also believe that it is better to rely on yourself rather than fund manager to handle your portfolio. Your current portfolio is quite balance with cash and equity, I am on my way to achieving a balance portfolio as well!



  2. That's my personal believe. In modern internet age and low barriers to investment today, if you can't even manage your own investment, is better you put them in fixed deposit or CPF than to leave it with some privately managed funds.