Jan 2, 2016

Cory Diary: Reading Frasers Centrepoint Trust Annual Report 2015

Just received the latest annual report this week. Taking some notes.

Titled "SUSTAINING LONG-TERM GROWTH". This tells me something or am I reading too much into it ?

Financial Highlights
Share price is below book value.  6.3% Yield. Less impacted by the poor retail environment.

Northpoint - 2nd largest mall in the portfolio will undergo AEI in phases over 18 months. There's hint on possible acquisition of new assets in their sponsor's portfolio. Nevertheless I look forward to the NPI number due to the AEI impact !

Occupancy and Expenses
84.2% occupancy in Bedok Point. Maybe they should sell it than holding the baby for the parent. Anyway is only 3.8% of the Reit. Changi Point will be something we need to understand in next few quarters. Overall expenses increased 14.9% which is above Gross Revenue and NPI growths.

Gearing 28.2% at 2.4% cost. If interest go up to 2.8%, cost may increase by $2.9M for $718M loan. Most of the debts (38.7%) is less than a year which means around $1.11M hit. NPI for Q4 alone is 31.7M. So impact looks minimal less market sentiment.

Northpoint NPI is $36M for FY2015. The integration and key spots upgrades will be nice and strategic. Let's put a $3M price tag to operation. Is the figure realistic ?

Headwinds are interests cost, lowering rental revision and reducing HEKTAR income. If another acquisition comes in 2016 this will further boost the distribution considering there is still some room to gear.


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