Jan 2, 2015

Cory Diary : Spending

One of the most darning task to me is to track my expenses. Tried a number of times to track it but just do not have the patience to continue despite being a fan of spreadsheet with the formulas everywhere to compute my investments and net worth almost instantaneously with currency fluctuation, equities, bank saving to pensions.I do spend little on myself materialistically. I do buy computers and gadgets occasionally. Some travels, books and gifts, relatively expensive restaurants, taxi, good massage and parental allowances...da da da de da.

Then it dawn on me that since i have high saving rate naturally, there is no need to track them at all. Silly me !

In 2014, my Net worth increase is more than my Annual Salary Income including AWS. Technically speaking i save every penny i earned. I did this before but what so special for 2014 is not due to my investment returns but Annual Variable Bonuses. To top it off i have a strong increment as well for a person planning to retire early....

You see, I have been putting in some amount of "Strategic Investment" into my work and was duly rewarded by my bosses for leading some alignment tasks and supporting transformation works. Though this pulled me off from focusing in my investments and some white hairs to show. However there's some synergy moving my portfolio to be more passive based which should works out well in years to come.

Privately though i do have a problem of over saving (by nature) which needs to be fixed in 2015. A good problem. :)


2 Jan'15


  1. Hi Cory,

    A problem of too much savings is indeed a good problem. I feel you when tracking my expenses. I have tried complicated excels and software but I now stick to a simple spreadsheet. Its important to be mobile friendly so I can update it on the go too.

    Wishing you a Blessed and Prosperous New Year!

  2. It's easier to track expenses if you use an app on your smartphone, because you can key in the info there and then when it happens, instead of waiting to go home to your computer.

  3. Thanks for all your suggestion. I am putting this tracker effort on-hold due to i am more careful with money therefore the value of the exercise will not be meaningful other than collecting data for the sake of it.

    However for tracking expenses by event such as going on a long holiday expenses, this maybe good to keep a record while on the move with mobile.