Apr 21, 2023

Cory Diary : Family Income Stress Test

In light of the ongoing COVID pandemic and the economic restructuring that has followed due to high interest rates, I am concerned about the possibility of both my partner and I losing our regular sources of income. As I am not as young as I once was, it may be difficult for me to find alternative income streams that are suitable for my level of experience, which is why I have been considering what would happen if we were forced into early retirement income before reaching the official age.

To better understand our financial situation, I decided to calculate the passive returns we would receive assuming that neither of us is working. 

To prepare for this scenario, I calculated the passive returns we could expect from our assets assuming we are no longer working. The table above shows our asset allocation and the expected annual returns for each type of investment.

Please note that the table does not include expenses such as property tax, loans, and maintenance. The figures presented are based on the minimum return scenario and possible current returns given the dynamic nature of the market. The maximum return is not relevant to our situation.

Assuming expenses in the range of $8k to $11k, we hope that this simple table provides a sense of our financial situation. As always, readers should seek professional advice before making financial decisions and take responsibility for their choices.


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