Dec 6, 2020

Cory Diary : Dividend/Interest Nov Report

We are few weeks away before the year ended and I think is a good time to update where we are on dividend this year. There are a number of Preferential Offerings, Scrips, Merge and Delist. So to put the base comparison right, distribution from merge and delist are tracked separate as the amount is quite large and won't be meaningful or sustainable annually.

Therefore for below table for Accordia is only dividend from regular distribution. Ascott Trust distribution is a little tricky which I have accorded Ascendas-h tr cash compensation in year 2020, so will be excluded from Year 2020 annual dividend as well.

Do note as investing is fun for me, some of the counter can move in and out of the portfolio in large amount as I learn the rope through experience and experiment. So table 1 is by all means a reference capture at a particular point in time while dividends being collected through out the year. 

Table 1: Dividends in % of Year 2020 Sustainable Total Dividend

This year we see some some swings in the portfolio which I think my have help net some shares before Ex-dividend positively. However, the portfolio also suffers sizeable loss of dividends due to cap on the banks. Furthermore the rebates by Retail malls reduced the dividends of the portfolio as well.

Despite all this, glad to find that by end Nov, for sustainable dividend portion, the portfolio is already way past last year annual dividends. And this is done with the portfolio in good positive returns so far.

I have also bought more Bonds this week with growing cash level. So yield wise will pull the portfolio lower but I think good balance is important. The last time I did this we encounter Covid-19 turbulence immediately after. Hopefully we don't have to go through the same experience of Mar 2020 again.

Currently still busy making sure Year 2021 will have a good chance to beat Year 2020 at risk mitigated level. Considering current cash level, beating this year achievement will not be too hard.


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