Nov 12, 2018

Cory Diary : Shopping experience 2018

I've been on relatively long US Business trip this time. Almost 2 weeks. Only manage to do a single trade to reduce my exposure to First Reit further. With some good amount of cash raised, I am looking for quick opportunity. Looking forward to next month year end bonus as well.

Well, what I like to talk mainly about in this article is about spending. I have my suitcase full from shopping on this latest trip. Hopefully I got sufficient saving for the spending effort. haha

Ordered a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner (Cord) ... US$249. Multi Ball 2 for my larger apartment. When I saw the packaging, kind of surprise on size of it and got me worried whether am I able to check-in. Fortunately no issue. Weighted 10 kg.  The other is whether Tax will be levied on arrival. None as well. Cool.  Mrs Logic is non-believable of battery operated.

My next concern is whether it is working ... The packaging exterior looks a bit flimsy after the journey. Overall the ordering process is seamless. I received it in 2 days.

The Dyson support through the Amazon contact is prompt to support technical question. But I am asking any issue check-in and they refuse to "collaborate". They did warn me on the voltage compatibility and is not dual.

The other interesting item I bought is plastic torches. I have few of them many years ago and they are still working and was wondering are this particular design is still on sale. Found it in Walmart. $1 a piece, very cheap.

Bought more than a dozen and plan to have them shared out to friends as well for it's value. The rubbery texture of the plastic is good and the color striking. There are 9 leds in the torch. Very bright. Comes with three AAA batteries. Neat.

In addition to above, I have few decorative items. Got a few Harry Potters collector items. Thought the design pretty detail and good quality.

Close up look

I also bought a few set of decorative glasses for leds and airplant in Amazon and have all of them collected in hotel. One of the glass broke despite hand carry. Due to lack of time, I did not do elaborate comparison in prices except I think is quite cheap.

One of the item ordered through Amazon failed to arrive as below. One could feel the frustration. I have to check-out and there is no easy way to cancel the order, I have a friend to collect later. But is amazing one fail single order can do to their service reputation. The seller is NY fashion101.

There are many others items I bought and helped to bring back. Overall, the experience is interesting. Service is important. Customers can easily fly to other site.