Aug 19, 2017

Cory Diary : Dividends Aug'17

As most dividends announced coming to an end this month, I have tabled my dividends taken YTD.
This has hit $30,828. Half from Reits. I did not compute how much I will get by year end but I would think $40 K will be a good number.

Since I last blogged about some of my stocks in various articles, CMT has a nice run up. Aim Reits has some correction. Singtel after ex-div has reduced some. Design Studio and Neratel I am a little fortunate. Interestingly Valuemax and AGT did not move up despite good results. Well, this is stock market. The price is the summation of the participants which I have little control of. Despite so, YTD dividends are less than half of my total earning this year from equity. I would expect the dividend proportion to move up slowly by year end.

Cumulative dividends gained hits $214,682. Surely this need capital to do but one should not forget about the learning and stock selection knowledge process to build it up over the years from small. Today, past dividends and equity gains constitute roughly 40% of my capital. It would not have been possible without, considering we have much of our fund locked up in Property, Car, Emergency fund and Insurance.

For people who follow the market closely, a little comfort will be DBS and some others impacting stocks of  Index has grown a little tired. Therefore my performance has narrowed further against STI Index despite increasing rates. Will this be a good time to do another re-balance or should I wait further for the index to slide further ?



  1. Hi Cory,

    Solid dividends! Looks great :D

  2. Hi Cory,,
    Congrat ! I'm sure with the pace and rate you are going,,,it will soon surpass your active income soon... !!!
    Yah,, as what you said,,, the stocks price movements doesn't seems correlated to earning sometimes,,,earning up,,,price down,,, :-)
    Well this is the unique characteristic of stocks market !!!
    Cheers !!

    1. Maybe another Global Financial Crisis to let us secure the yield ! Cheers