Apr 4, 2017

Cory Diary : Multiple Rows Data in Excel Program - One of the Greatest Invention to the Investment World

Excel helps us saved huge time in tracking and strategies our investment. Some people do not use them and sometimes demeans it as manual and unprofessional. I know of many great computer companies today still use Excel in majority of their daily work. Without it will be horrific. Human kind probably will be step back 30 years in advancement.

Today I learned a new trick on creating chart with multiple records on different rows just by playing around with it. This is how friendly Excel can be even for a novice.

Table 1 : Below an actual Dividends Multi-Year Tracker that feeds from my Portfolio automatically

Table 1 : Dividends Recorded across Multiple Rows to fit into Blog

Table 2 is Cells selection to compute Cumulative dividends from this year dividends refer. to last year final number. For most excel user, this is simple.

Table 2 : Cells Selection for Cumulative Calculation

Table 3 : Capturing of Multiple rows of date to present into chart. The chart is updated automatically. One picture speaks a thousand word. It has Two Axis. Left is the Cumulative total against the curve. The Right axis is for the bar chart. The last bar is highlighted built-in into excel cell properties.

Table 4 : To add rows, simply open the chart by right click on the chart, and update the data field. People who has chart experience will find the way.

If you are not using Excel today in your daily work and investment, do consider. Cannot stress the tool importance and the productivity gained in-addition of communicating and enabling strategy.

Microsoft indeed changed the World.



  1. Hi Cory,

    Excel is great. Pivot table can be used to slice and dice the data in any way we want.

    I'm also thinking of using R (the programming language and the software) to download stock information for processing and data visualization. Furthermore, it's free too!

    1. Hi Unintelligent Nerd, do not mind my ignorant. What is "R" ?
      I hope to pickup VBA Full time when i officially retired !


    2. R is the name of the programming language as well as the software for it.

      More information can be found here: https://www.r-project.org/about.html

      I'm using a bit of R in my job. R has some packages for processing stock-related data. Thinking of using R for that purpose as well.

      I'm interested to pick up VBA too (more for my job).

    3. "R" looks like is a one whole new field of learning. thanks for the sharing.