Mar 19, 2016

Cory Diary : Trading Management

Each year I have roughly 20 stocks counters however I can conduct more than 150 trades annually. How do I keep track of expenses, trades, counters, dividends, corporate actions and remember all my plans ?

The best way to do this is to design my own portfolio management that I am most comfortable with.
There is also certain level of privacy on sensitive positions. I do not trust 3rd party tool or cloud things.

Below is an example of how I do them. And the best way to do them is in Excel.

This trades were done in 2015 starting with P/L at zero with book value at close day of 31 Dec 2014 trading price. And ended with Profit $6977 in 31 Dec 2015. In the first trading day of 2016, P/L will be zero'ed out again. Meaning profits of $6977 is my money and no longer belong to the market. If they did, is a loss to me in 2016.

The total cost of trades are $233. Dividends ("D"in the table) is also registered.

In this example there is a share consolidation. As I hold 50,000 share before the corporate action. This is easily catered for by selling 40,000 share at zero value due to 5-1 shares consolidation. The remainder lots are then adjusted with the consolidated price.

Trading notes section is my work desk. I may or may not follow through the plan. Something I will review occasionally.

Hope you like what I have shared, my systematic practises fine tune over the years, and hopefully to help people who like to track and improve their investment life because I know is viable.

I do like to throw a note of caution. The Market is relentless and sharks are everywhere to take your money. Is not really a fair playing field but is still better than most alternative investments. And if you depends on tips you will never beat the market in the long run and potentially worsen your position. And if you depends on investment managers you must be able to watch him carefully. And if you depends on unit trust or insurance investments, pray regularly. And if you depends on Fixed Deposits mainly, money will never be enough.



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