Jun 15, 2014

Cory Diary : Net Worth Metrics

Watching World Cup Greece V Columbia right now and decided to write this article in parallel. Hopefully i can wake up for the next two morning matches as well. In summary, next few weeks will be challenging. :)

From my earlier Retirement titled article which has my net worth chart, i will be doing an update here. Since then, i have invested in RMB FD, bought some bonds and did a major re-balance in my Reits Portfolio. I have also increase my Telecom and Banking exposures. Passive income has caught up to last year 50% mark.

Key Metrics

First : Net worth climbed about 19% annually. This is a surprise.
Second : Average annual increase is larger than my income. Money is working hard. :)

The climb has been relentless. Considering low interest rates environment in major economies still a trend, I would expect stock index to continue to break new grounds and inflation in developing countries to stay high. I think it will takes Major International Disruptions to change that story. Hopefully my bet is right.

Oh ... the game just finished with Columbia 3-0 Greece. Good night !

15th Jun 2014

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