Nov 10, 2013

Cory Diary : ABF SG BOND ETF (A35.SI)

According to SGX site that's roughly 1% -2% dividends. Lower end historically.

Current fund is 1.14 priced under extremely low liquidity matching NTA. As far as Yahoo site, 1.03 about 6 years ago. Implies about slightly less than 2% or returns about 3% including dividends at the low side.

The STI Index is at upper end of the chart. If the market moves up, is better to be in equity. If it crashes based on 2008 GFC is a few percent down.

Interestingly improving economy and tapering have much significant effects moving it 4 bars down in total. That's an estimate of -11% moves negating the dividends gained over the last 2 years who invested just, into negative returns.

6 years today, STI is 10% up. That's also about 3 years of dividends who invest just that time.

Why am i doing all this. For those who are interested in the Bond, the timing seems nice. Will it go lower ? The risk is yours to take.

10th Nov 2013

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