Oct 20, 2013

Cory Diary : Available Funds

For someone who knows me, i put "EVERYTHING" in Excel. Ha. Therefore I can count my Net Worth in "Split Seconds" theoretically.

Not something to brag about but is something i like to write to remember (Share ...). It has to do to control my risk, return and future planning. Without that I am at a loss as i am kind of guy that needs to see the big picture. Something to overcome my shortcoming i guess.

Is no use saying without able to throw out figures on the fly. Here we go.I have less than 2% in Gold. Unfortunately to some is Virtual. Please don't shoot me for that. 25% Pure Cash, not even in fixed deposits ! Around 45% in Fixed Return Instruments. I can break them down and work to report them out at different ways i like.

Cash alone can probably last me for double digit years. Not so if there is emergency or opportunity needs. Maybe i can tap on my Fixed Instruments. Maybe i should continue to draw fixed income. Maybe i need to do some business. Maybe ...

Never mind ! The point is I am aware so I am.

20th Oct 2013

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