Oct 3, 2013

Cory Diary : Anyone Care ?

D: I want Ocare.

R: Let's do a vote on Ocare.
R: Ok great you win. We will implement it. ;)

D: Ok let discuss to increase this year budget for everything including loans.

R: Sure ! I will agreed provide you De-fund Ocare.  ( Thug laughter)

D: WTF !

R: No discuss ? O' you thug, you need to be reasonable ! This is a Democratic Nation. Our forefathers ....

D: This is ridiculous !

R: We want to negotiate, the problem is you

D: This is holding our Nation on Ransom !

R: So ? Never mind if people lose jobs. Is not the first time poor people go hungry. We need to keep our Sponsor happy.

D: This time i have enough. You bully. I am not ( Not !! Not !) going to bow.

3rd Oct 2013

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