Sep 20, 2013

Cory Diary : Surge and Purge

Yesterday Surge is definitely one of those times (Thanks to Mr. Ben). His words move the World Markets again. There was once a study that said the market major moves go by Surge and Purge paces.

It Surges about a half to a dozen times a year iirc. Just capturing those well we will be on our way to financial freedom. Avoiding all the Purges will definitely bring us to guru status. To less mobile investor, these are definitely not easy and likely impossible.

I saw a Taiwanese Talk Show yesterday on Fundamental Analysis aka FA.
Few things to focus over 5 years. ROE and FCF. For a more practical approach I would add Dividend Yield as another. I would like to add Market Timing on major market moves ... kungfu not perfect yet.

20th Sept 2013

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