Sep 21, 2013

Cory Diary : Mood Swing

Eight things i did to overcome my emotions so far ...

1. Blogging on investment thoughts
This is quite fun if you blog just for your own. Don't do it to please others.

2. Have different varieties of investment in companies, sectors, instruments
Money swing to here and there. This will reduce your risk.

3. Measure all of them as a total value
This will damper the fluctuations.

4. Continue to work
Gives a lot of emotional strength while improving your net worth quicker

5. Re-balancing my portfolio
This allow you to take profit and more investment on lower PE stocks

6. Put more emphasis on FA
This let me overcome irrationality of the market

7. Sufficient Dividend Yields instead of just growths
One of key expectations that my investment has to deliver. Show me the MONEY !

8. Engage with Market Participants
Need to get a feel of the ground. A place to learn wider diversity of views.
Gives you more knowledge to decipher and adjust. Market is a sentiment animal.
And don't fight the Fed.

21st Sept'13

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