Aug 4, 2013

Cory Diary : Taiwan Democracy in the Work

Last night was a huge rally in Ketagalan Blvd. in front of the Presidential Office to “bid farewell” to Army Corporal Hung ChungChiu who die in detention barrack on July 20 under suspicious circumstances. 
There were Les Miserable Songs sang by the crowd (I love it when the crowd sings in mandarin) , "真相" laser printed vertically on the wall of the presidential building seeking justice, stage for key opposition figures and artistes. They even have Hung music video made from photos of his childhood days with family members and friends typically seen in Wedding Banquet  The scene was moving. 250 000 people attended wearing white clothes. No joke !

The military was viewed not sincere in their investigation and blaming Hung instead despite there were so many loop holes in their findings. Before all this there were a number of complains and protests by Media, Family and Oppositions. The government and military were forced to act on 18 military personnel of various ranks that directly or indirectly caused his death much later. Some facing 7 years jail time. Despite that, the family members are still unhappy because senior officers were let off lightly and military tribunal issues a token bond sum for all of them leading up to last night huge rally.

The president appears at his funeral this morning 9.00 am Live in TV  with dozen of security men follow with visit to his parent and relatives seeking redress. A huge crowd blocked his way and it was embarrassing for a period of time. He promised to get to the bottom of the matter but was also rebuked by Hung's parent in-front of the press. They spoke well and fluent in front of the TV camera which tells the culture of outspokenness.

To be fair, the president is a nice guy and not above law. He was charged earlier once during office for some claims irregularities which was later dismissed fortunately in my opinion for the good of country. For hung's death, he is taking the matter seriously but he also believes sticking to the rule of law while moving forward with legal review changes after the public is extremely unhappy that Hung dies under Defense of Military management and maybe bias in their internal investigation.

What seen here is democracy at work even though messy and slow. Freedom is in the air. Amazing country.

4th April 2013

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