Aug 17, 2013

Cory Diary : Right Price !

Another week has past, another taper fear in the market. How have i done so far ?
Compared to STI Index excluding dividends, 2013 so far is about flat. See table below.

If you have invested in reits 3 months ago, you would have suffer -10% to -20% capital losses. However if you have invested a year ago, you are still up +10% to +20% capital gains excluding dividends. Paying the right price for everything is important.

So how am i doing ?

I have more capital today than start of year. Still some way from my idea investment portfolio size.
Hopefully Market allows me to increase further.

17th Aug 2013


  1. Well done! Hope to learn more of your successes from you.

  2. Thanks Money Honey. We have similar journey. Let share and learn from each other.