Aug 8, 2013

Cory Diary : Investment Ideas

Investment Steps
Notes i need to use to remind myself in managing my investment portfolio.

Macro View - Decide when is macro trend is in our favor even if our selection is wrong
We can pick the right sector or stocks but when broad market hits, tides will pull you out into the sea.

Stock/Bond Balance - Making your inactive asset to work while optimizing opportunity when arise
Money in bank is one of the lowest return. Is one ticket to life of lacking cash. Balancing between Stock/Bond provides a reasonable basic base.

FA/TA - FA provides Margin of Safety, TA provides optimize trades.
Every time my stock price go down or deeper, FA keeps me sane and confident. Knowing TA help to time my entry and exit points in a more favorable circumstances..

Dividend Backing - Realizing cash out from the system so that it won't be squandered
Investment is to protect and grow our profit to support our life style. Is a mean to an end.

Currency Strength - Living in Global world, holding the right currency to invest is important
S$ is one of the heavens.

Opportunity/Risk - Opportunity is everywhere. Walkaway from uncomfortable risks. Capital preservation is essential.

8th August 2013

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