Aug 31, 2013

Cory Diary : I see it coming but ...

The most important question after realization is what did I do about it ?

We know Yen depreciation will mean AUD will go down in EXCHANGE RATE
STOP buying AUD. HOLD on to my NTD and USD. No Yen.
I should have SOLD AUD.

We know USD appreciation will mean more expensive BORROWING
HOLD on to my REITs. SOLD down less potential ones.
I should have reduce my REITs further.

We know next month will be another humbling experience in EQUITY
Lock Profit on counter that is volatile. Cut Loss those that may drop further.

We know S-Chips have more mines in the minefield to FALL
No investment

We know Inflation will deteriorate our saving SIGNIFICANTLY
Continue to stay invested. Spend when needed. Avoid Bonds.

We know the equity sell down has been on 2nd HALF court
Buy some sold down counters that may re-vitalize mid-term. CASH is KING.

31 Aug'13

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