Aug 22, 2013

Cory Diary : Day of Typhoon

Thanks to Typhoon Trami, Taipei has additional holiday today. It is also a day of Zhong Yuan Pu Du. ( Ghost month ! )

For Taipei, it feels like a Windy Tropical Rain Storm. However due to complex and varied situations of past experiences, city governments are forced to gauge and declare holiday on the safe side of the equation. What is fearful of Typhoon is not the Wind ! Neither being in the center of it ! Is the amount of water it brings causing landslides, swift currents and flooding.

Most residents and business owners are not taking lightly. People avoided the streets and buildings have sandbags ready. Even the President has to rush home from oversea visit to avoid a repeat of being heavily criticized the last time.

The water that is collected from the high mountains after the storm pass when flow down, will burst the river banks, can be sudden in nature and turbulent. Due to this, huge barriers are built within taipei city on both sides of the Dan Shui river, Kee Lung river and other minor rivers.

For mountainous areas it can be extremely dangerous. Once a landslide of huge rocks and mud wiped out an entire village in recent time. Can you imagine thousands of rocks meters wide rolling down with thick flowing mud from high mountains ? No one survived. You will be very lucky to even find a half broken body in the aftermath.

Be safe, no sorry.

21st Aug 2013

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