Jul 25, 2013

Cory Diary : Fears in the Market - Part 1

Sentiment of the market often drives the bust and boom of stocks. Often on hindsights that someone will say if I have done so and so, control my emotion, i would have strike rich !

So what's the fear in the market that has driven things to "recent lows" ?
At time of writing, here's the low.

1. Gold - US$1322
2. Suntec Reit - S$1.60
3. Wilmar - S$3.15
4. SIA - S$10.29
5. Smrt - S$1.445
6. Vard - S$0.80
7. Noble - S$0.90
8. NOL - S$1.05

Anyone dare to bottom fish ? I will be very cautious. Do it at your OWN Risk !
And no whining later please.

25th July 2013

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